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 Mudra Besan  500 g
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Model: Mudra Besan
Made from 100% pure and best quality of chana dal. Wholesome and nutritiou.Whips quickly ensuring a consistent taste. Ideal to pan out various deserts and fried snacks..
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Akkha Masoor
Hot -10 %
Model: PD-278
Masoor dal is a rich source of vitamins and other nutrients like calcium and magnesium, which are essential for maintaining healthy teeth and bones. In order to reap its full benefits, it must be included in your daily diet in adequate amounts...
₹45.0 ₹50.0
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Apis Honey 1kg
-25 %
Brand: Apis Model: PD-853
Apis honey is trusted across the globe for its unmatched taste and quality. Apis has emerged as the “honey specialist” brand for the category with the introduction of Value-added range- With natural infusions like – Bee Fit Range, Tulsi, Lemon, Ginger, Lychee & Sitopladi...
₹330.0 ₹440.0
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Model: PD-055
₹77.0 ₹85.0
Ex Tax:₹77.0
Model: PD-962
Malt food drink fortified with proprietary pro-health bundle (vitamin d, b2, b9 and b12)It is a malted chocolate drink mix that can be enjoyed piping hot or deliciously coldTry blending bournvita with milk and ice cream to make a chocolate milkshake that is delectable and nutritious..
₹315.0 ₹325.0
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Chana Daal
Hot -11 %
Model: PD-277
Chana Dal is a ready supply of proteins for a balanced diet containing little or no meat. It is nutty flavor and sweet, this dal is amongst the most famous dal in India. Chana Dal contains a mild sweet taste when cooked and is rich nutritious. ..
₹40.0 ₹45.0
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Cherry Seviyan 150grm*
Hot -20 %
Model: PD-339
₹20.0 ₹25.0
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Clinic Plus Strong & Long 340ml
New -9 %
Model: PD-931
Tomorrow's strong and long hair needs a strong foundation today. Clinic Plus Strong & Long Health Shampoo with the goodness of milk protein makes your hair 35 x* stronger. Its advanced milk protein formula contains an essential protein element which body cannot produce. This essential protein pe..
₹144.0 ₹159.0
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Colgate Active Salt Mega Saver Pack 300g
-11 %
Brand: Colgate Model: PD-59
Colgate Active Salt, packed with the goodness of salt and minerals, that helps prevent dental problems and gives your family a worry-free smileIts germ-fighting formula with salt helps remove sticky or hidden germs, giving you healthier and cleaner teeth..
₹132.0 ₹149.0
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Colgate Max Fresh Red Gel 300g
-11 %
Brand: Colgate Model: PD - 206
Colgate Max fresh Red gel Mega saver pack 150 + 150 gmUnleash an intense blast of lasting freshness in your mouth, each time you brush with Colgate Maxfresh Spicy Red. Infused with cooling crystals, this red gel toothpaste keeps your breath fresh for long hours.The tingling spicy fresh flavor and th..
₹164.0 ₹184.0
Ex Tax:₹164.0
Colgate Strong Teeth Toothpaste
-11 %
Brand: Colgate Model: PD - 203
Colgate Strong Teeth Toothpaste Jumbo Save Pack 2*200g + 100gYou prepare your child for life by making them strong from within and this strength is reflected in her smile. New Colgate Strong Teeth with Amino Shakti, adds natural calcium to your family’s teeth, keeping their smiles strong from within..
₹209.0 ₹234.0
Ex Tax:₹209.0
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