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Brand: Tata Model: PD-391
Tata Tea Gold uniqueness lies in the superior balance it maintains between strength and aroma, which is produced by mixing CTC granules with gently-rolled 15% longer leaves...
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Model: PD-004
Bajra is rich in magnesium, which helps keep the heart healthy. It has potassium, which dilates blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more easily. This helps reduce overall blood pressure..
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Model: PD-004
Wheat has a ton of health benefits such as controlling obesity, improving the metabolism in your body, preventing type 2 diabetes, reducing chronic inflammation, preventing gallstones, preventing breast cancer, promoting gastrointestinal health in women, preventing childhood asthma, protecting the b..
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 Mudra Besan  500 g
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Model: Mudra Besan
Made from 100% pure and best quality of chana dal. Wholesome and nutritiou.Whips quickly ensuring a consistent taste. Ideal to pan out various deserts and fried snacks..
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Akkha Masoor
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Model: PD-278
Masoor dal is a rich source of vitamins and other nutrients like calcium and magnesium, which are essential for maintaining healthy teeth and bones. In order to reap its full benefits, it must be included in your daily diet in adequate amounts...
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Model: KB-012
100% Natural, Nutritional Value: Concentration: 76-78% Soluble Solids; Energy: 317 Kcal; Fructose: 27%; Glucose: 35%; Protein: 2%; Fiber: 7.8g; Iron: 5.50ppm, Produced By: Al Barakah Dates Factory Llc P.o. Box 55961, Dubai, U.a.e., Haccp Certified Factory, Store At Room Temperature. Do Not Refrigera..
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Brand: Amul Model: Amul Butter 500gm
Amul Butter is a must on the breakfast tables of nearly every Indian household - be it for its nutritional value or irresistible taste. Make your breads, idlis, Parathas, sandwiches, pizzas and cakes splendidly yummy with this multipurpose spread. A pack of churned cream could not get any better wit..
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Brand: Amul Model: Amul Cheese 200g
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Brand: Amul Model: PD-107
Amul Fresh Cream is made up of fresh and pure milk cream. The fresh cream is sterilized at high temperature and it is packed air tight so the richness of the cream stays until it is opened. Amul Fresh Cream is made smooth to make preparations tastier. Amul Fresh Cream is recommended to keep in cool ..
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Brand: Amul Model: PD-516
Amul Pro is a malt-based milk additive that enhances nutritive value and taste of the milk.A tasty drink made for all ages for healthy growth and immunity from the house of Amul known for providing renowned quality products at affordable price...
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