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Orders placed between 10.00am to 07.59pm (IST) will be dispatched & delivered instantly within 3 hours.

Others will be delivered in our delivery working hours i.e, 10.00 am to 10.00pm.

Your orders are collected and packaged in our order fulfillment center and sent in a specific package to ensure you get what you ordered.

We try to deliver your orders on the same day through our direct employees / trusted shipping partners. A nominal delivery fee of Rs. 25 /- for orders less than Rs 299 will be charged. We do not charge anything for purchases that exceeds Rs. 299. The prices listed in the exit phase are final and comprehensive. There are no hidden fees.

At the time of checkout, you have the flexibility to choose a suitable one from multiple delivery slots when you prefer delivery to take place.

We are currently delivering in Mumbra & Kausa. Looking forward to expand soon. Please check again later.

Statutory advisory: Not accepting the order or failure to make the payment of orders placed with payment mode of cash on delivery will result to block the account permanently and may be banned to access the website again. However if you have any concerns about the order you may contact our customer support after the order is successfully delivered.