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Milk & Milk Products

Milk & Milk Products
Brand: Amul Model: PD-107
Amul Fresh Cream is made up of fresh and pure milk cream. The fresh cream is sterilized at high temperature and it is packed air tight so the richness of the cream stays until it is opened. Amul Fresh Cream is made smooth to make preparations tastier. Amul Fresh Cream is recommended to keep in cool ..
Ex Tax:₹63.0
Brand: Amul Model: PD-107
Go fresh cream is an all purpose cream, made with quality fresh milk. It makes everyone’s favourite Indian curries and a range of desserts tastier and creamier. Go fresh cream has no sugar added, making it perfect for the health conscious. Now, everyone can enjoy fresh cream with salad, pastas, fond..
Ex Tax:₹50.0
Brand: Nestle Model: PD-554
We use milk of the highest quality, sourced from well-looked-after cattle that are fed with the right nutrients. We also use our international dairy know-how to carefully dry and balance this milk without losing any of its goodness.So that you and your family can enjoy a thicker, milkier, tastier cu..
Ex Tax:₹490.0
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