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Welcome to the world of online shopping brought to you by KausaBazaar.

At Kausabazaar, you can buy from more than thousands of groceries and household products with one click and deliver them home within just a few hours.

So, no more traffic jams on your way to the store, no need to wait in queue for billing, no more pulling heavy groceries home.

Just save time and money that you can now spend on the things you love !! :)

Don't find time to go to the supermarket to buy weekly supplies of vegetables and fruits?

Are you looking for the perfect store with a range of personal care products?

Make your life easier by ordering groceries and other products online from one of the most reliable online grocery stores in Kausa, Mumbra.

With just a click of the mouse, you can order whatever you want from a wide range of products. We are agents for most of the beloved Indian brands, so you don't have to walk from the supermarket to the supermarket to find the specific shampoo or masala powder! Take a look at what we have for you.

You had heard it a million times before the importance of including fruits and vegetables in your diet. Whether you are looking for vegetables of a certain price range or fruits imported from the West, you will find them all at our online bazaar in Mumbra & Kausa.

Starting from fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, dahl, spices and seasonings to packaged products, drinks, personal care products and meats - we've got it all. Choose from a wide range of options in each category, carefully selected to help you find the best quality available at the lowest prices.

Please note : We provide our service only in Mumbra & Kausa.